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What does my dream mean?

I was getting ready for gym class and getting changed in the locker rooms. I'm in my bra and all the sudden a guy comes in and stares at me and is like an inch away from me. later on all the guys were staring at me in gym and lunch and btw this is in MY DREAM.

The creeps at your school have a Rosicrucian mindreading text or some such primer on hostile mind sends. You kept your bra on, good girl.

Amazons vs. Spartans is the only martial arts academie that will ever never exist yet it is the only place where true leaders meat their destiny. Salt around your bedroom door and window ledges will help. And if you have some hair cutting scissors, keep them close to where you sleep, the cavemen still feel compelled to kidnap virgin sabines and dominate the land of the Lady.

In my dream the morons were all my soldiers and I was the reserved and sweet High Queen who never cheated in Chariot races or started fights with interlopers in our lands just to say viva LA Bam. My ladies were just very good at forging superiour metal alloys. That is what kept the barbarian men in thier proper place, beckoning me from a masque ball.

maybe you are insecure about your breast size, there to small or to big, and in yor dream it feels like, when people are staring at you u feel bad or happy that they are, feeling like the spotlight, dreams have to do when something is wrong with your life and not sure about it, i saw a bear once and i thought there would never be one around me, so i went to sleep with it on my mind, i later had a dream abou a bear chasing me, so dont think about it if it happens in real life

HOPED i helped

It means that your beautiful and a lot of guys like you.

your lesbian.

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