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What does my dream mean ...?

in my dream, i was younger than i was now
(by a couple years, im 18 now so like 16 id say),
i was with this guy i used to (still do i guess) have a crush on.
he never liked me growing up, but in my dream he did.

(hes in jail now by the way; wrong place, wrong time,
he also dated my older sister who is 21.)

we were in high school school (im graduated by the way),
in the halls,
running around and laughing and having fun.

we were drinking alcohol
and i fed him a candy from a dish,
but he didnt like it.

then we went into a dark room (janitors closet?) and kissed.

during this whole dream, one of my good friends (a girl, who is a lesbien) was there,
she was following us around, she wanted to hang out with us, but we ignored her.

and thats it.
and i tryed to stay asleep, but i couldnt...

ok firstly dreaming about a past place you used to spend a lot of time in like an old school/ old house means you feel your life is moving to fast. Often when you dream about leaving someone out such as your friend its not you feeling that your leaving people out in real life its symbollic of someone else leaving you out like your sister and that boy used to leave you out perhaps. Freud says that any place which is shaped like a cave or a closet means sexual frustration and him rejecting the candy you gave him is to do with what you said 'he never like me growing up' its the rejection of your young more innocent self. Hope that helps hun x

dream are wish-fulfillment...pure and simple, you want to be in love in an innocent way like how it happens in school...he's physically your type but he didn't take the candy, your mind telling you this guy wouldn't like your brand of innocent love...and a confirmation you prefer the guy over a girl...you have this as a secret feeling, that's it why you kissed in the closet...and you really want love, so it really jarred you...you usually keep this side of you at arms length...you want the real thing

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