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What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccurring nightmare where I'm in the car with my older sister and mom and we go up a REALLY HIGH and steep mountain. The drive up is almost 180 degrees. I tell my mom and my sister I'm afraid if highs and can't do this. So I get out of the car and watch them from the base of the mountain, go up. I watch them get 3/4th's of the way up and the car tumbles down. I see my sisters and mothers face fill with horror as I watch the car crush more and more with each impact. As I view my sell fall to my knees I see the world around me turn darker and more evil. I've had this dream 2-3 times past 10 years. Please help me find out what my dream means

Often a car in dream symbolism represents your body - the vehicle your soul
uses while in earth school. Recurring dreams usually mean that you have not
yet gotten the meaning of the message. And usually the other people are
aspects of yourself.
Climbing a mountain in your car, which is built for road travel, could mean
that you are trying to ascent to spiritual heights to rapidly. Usually you ascend a mountain
with ropes, pulleys and special gear or you find a route that has already been
carved out of the rock and is gradual enough for your car to make the grade.
Your mom is an authority figure in your life and I suspect your older sister is also.
In this case you doubt their wisdom and follow your own wise council.

It may have no meaning at all...
Nightmares are often brought on by food or drinks you have had late
in the evening before retiring. Your body can't digest them easily
and the stress on the body reflects stress in the mind also.

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