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What does my dream mean?

Hey everyone i was wondering if you could give me a little insight i guess to what my dream could possibly mean?
- So, I've been having a dream of this girl and we've dated a while back and it was pretty 'serious' in my book. We dated for around 2 years maybe a year and a half, but whatever lol.
So in my dream i see her sometimes, I'm not sure what that could mean but ill just like, be doing something and then all of a sudden she's there [ in the dream of course.] We rarely talk now, but if someone could enlighten me. It'd be appreciated

Since all dreams are triggered by something on our minds or in our hearts, the primary objective must be to relate the dream theme to some event or preoccupation of the previous day or two.In the sleeping state, everyone gets a chance to be close to the veil, that is the dividing line between the physical state and the spiritual one;the visitation usually leaves the dreamer with a feeling of other worldliness about the encounter when they awake.

Also our subconscious spills over in our dream state,the mind will sort out our lives when sleeping. Something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar feelings to the ones you felt in the relationship with your ex.The dream may be a way of alerting you to the same or similar behavior in a current relationship.What you learned from that previous relationship may need to be applied to the present one so that you do not repeat the same mistake.

Our subconscious is always working/sorting it all out to help guide us in our waking life,that's our way of continuing & creation_exploring our world & life...

Adding onto Selena's ans,here 's more on your Q...
The dream is trying desperately to tell you something.Dreams are clues , also helps you to take notice and pay attention to them.
Recurring dreams are so common and are often triggered by a certain life situation or a problem that keeps coming back again and again. These dreams may recur daily, once a week, or once a month, but whatever the frequency, there is little variation in the dream content itself. It usually points to a personal weakness, fear, or your inability to cope with something in your life - past or present.
The repetitive patterns in your dream can reveal some of the most valuable information on yourself. It may point to a conflict, situation or matter in your waking life that remains unresolved or unsettled. Or some urgent underlying message in your unconscious is demanding to be understood.

Ur feelings for her are probably just manifesting thru dreams, if it means something youll get confirmations, maybe a call from her, a message, something trying to bring u two together. Examine your feelings for her and choose whether u wanna date her again or not. Im sure your dreams w her will disappear afterwards

Hey :P its a proven fact that when you miss someone they are going to be in your dreams. Studys show that since your brain is working at such a slow pace it brings back the thoughts that you mostly thought of but don't much anymore :) Hope this helps

Well, people say that your dreams is your heart's way to tell you what it wants. Or something like that. So maybe you still have feelings for her somewhere inside.

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