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What does my dream mean?

I've had weird dreams all the time but none that would ever make me cry and there all in places that i would know ( like if you walked through a door and you were at your parents house ) but this one seemed like a whole other world i was at a play ground and the houses looked like something from a movie three girls walked pass with like shorts and skirts on but you could see all booty cheeks then i was taken and put into this mental institution so me and three other girls would go and ride bikes over these boards in something that looked like a old train station ( it had old boards, gray and white rocks, alot of dust, and bobbed wire around the place ) then we were in this room that could be the place where they put all the patients in ( for like eating and rec ) this guy was there and he was leaving on his bike so i rode on the back down the hill and he let me off and i walked back ( this is were my dream starts to scare me ) i get back to the top of the hill and there is a post where a guard had a gun and it was high up like in a prison so he let me in after he almost killed me and i was talking to other kids how the boy let me ride on the back of the bike and the man that worked there started to tease me about the boy with the bike saying that i liked him so i tried to walk away and he grabbed me from behind so i grabbed the pen but i dropped it cause i didn't want them to think i was going to be violent and they wouldn't stick me with the needle so when the nurses came out they had a needle and i froze cause i thought they were going stick me with the needle and they gave it to him and he stuck it in his penis i guess to make it go down and he went in this room then they came with another needle and i knew it was for me and i started cry cause i knew it was gonna knock me out but i didn't know for how long ( im not the type of person thats scared of needles ) when i woke up the next day this spanish nurse came in and told me to listen and the tv was playing in the other room and it said that Barak Obama became president ( the only part of my dream i was happy about lol ) they gave me a picture of the staff and the man was on it and i tore him off the picture they told me he was fired then she told me to get my toys and we can go in my regular room when i looked up this other nurse had my 10 month old baby in her arms and i froze like i was gone for a long time and there was my baby so when i got to my room i put 2 bibles in my lap and was going to write my father to tell him to come and get me and before i could put pen to paper i started crying and i woke up crying uncontrollably i cryed for about then minutes non stop

well it may have a meaning, or it may not. it cuold be a vision that if obama becaomes presidant this may happen, but it also could just be a dream that will be lost in your mind after a couple days. i would post a couple more questions if you have aother wierd dreams. i have a feeling it might mean something but i just cant out my finger on it.

i do not know... but how did you fit all that in? I like the part in your dream where obama became president!

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