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What does my dream mean?

this dream was a long time ago i was 4 years old but i still dont get it.It was me and i was climbing some stairs like a tree house with some friends i dont know them though.once i get to the top of the tree house my friends tell me sorry i cant let you in and they push me down and i fall while im fallingi see my self wearing what i was wearing and i see myself falling and this might sound weird but i felt like it was my spirit because i could see it go back into my body and when it did i woke up freaked out.what does this mean?

Jung's first dream he recorded came to him at age 4. Briefly: he went down a shaft and encountered the Siva Lingam (God as the Lving Phallus, the channel of life) on a throne. Going down into the shaft of dream-life and religion (he renamed God by calling Him the Unconscious from which all the world emananted) preoccupied his entire life. From this we may deduce that dreams at that age are characterising the life to come.

You might want me do support this observations with material from this very Yahoo Site. I just interpeted a dream of a young man who as a 5 year old saw the moon burning up and falling to the earth causing a general conflagration. A man with a beard appeared and words were heard. When this dreamer grew up to be a young man he had the dream again and saw that the man that had appeared in his first dream was himself as he was now. Ergo: dreams must be seen as blueprints of the future.

Your dream has you go in the opposite direction to Jung in his first dream. Boys love climbing trees not just in dreams but in reality. It is an urge to ascend into the sky which is symbolical of the spiritual world. Thus, whether you go down a shaft or climb a tree, in essence you want to connect with your origin, with your spiritual home.

But of course climbing a tree to get to a tree hut can as easily stand for social climbing, for career ascent. Your dream features both the worldly climbing and the spiritual seeking in one go. As you want to get up with the other boys and be part of the social struggle to get to the top of human achievements, your friends push you off the ladder of worldly success and you fall. The shock of your fall brings about a blessing in diguise. You are able to see both the material world, (your clothes), and your re-entering spirit body that houses your bone-house, your human frame.

It is common for spiritual seekers to be shocked out of their materialistic frame of mind. Saint Francis of Assisi was a priviledged rich boy who became a womanising knight in golden armour following a career of war and women till the day he was thrown off course by a voice from above. He put all riches and women aside and become a hermit living in the mountains where he attracted llikeminded men.

You have been priviledged to see your spirit body or your etheric. It means that it will be easier for you to accept that you are not just flesh and blood and an intellect, but also a soul that pines to know itself. Not many of us will go the path of self-knowledge freely. Most of us need a push off the ladder of social aspirations. Far from being a disater, such a push and fall is a massive blessing.

Incidentally there is a good little book on the market called "Discover Astral Projection" (how to achieve out-of-body experiences) by J.H. Brennan published by Aquarian/Thorsons 1989. It even tells of your compatriot Robert Monroe who developed in his "Institute of Applied Science" an electric aparatus that will help your etheric to leave your body almost instantly, but also allowing it to return safely again.

It is more common for the etheric to leave the body under stress. Your dream seems to suggest that at the time of your etheric adventure you were rather stressed because you had been made an outcast. It was necessary for you to undergo that suffering so that you could see your etheric.

There was an especially recalcitrant prisoner on Alcatraz. The guards used to give him the wet blanket torture which meant he was wrapped into a wet blanket that got tighter and tighter as it dried. This discomfiture caused his etheric to escape the body of flesh and blood and fly to San Francisco. There he would see what the latest news were and when he returned to the prison he was able to stun his tormentors by telling them all the latest happenings.

Dreams of stairs have a pretty cut and dry meaning--Up is good, down is bad. If you see yourself falling down stairs it's a warning to be a little less controversial in your statements. However, if you meant a ladder--although the up, down rule still applies--you'll have to take other factors into account: was it a very tall ladder? Since you reached the top, it's a good omen of a rather large acheivment. Also note, that since you fell from it (even though pushed) it may be a warning that your grasp may be greater than your reach, so to speak.
But! Good news! Even though it may've been scary to have been pushed, it's a omen that whatever is troubling you may be taken off your shoulders soon. The friends who were strangers are also a good indication for you, being that it may indicate a happy reunion with valued friends (real ones this time!).
But, be aware that seeing your own spirit may also be an indication of deception from those you least expect it.

If there's anything else you recall that stands out, post it. Or, you could also look online for dictionaries like Swoon, or dreammeanings.

hmm this is rather strange. especially since at the age of 4 yrs old and you can still remember this
so basically you see yourself from a 3rd point of view
you are watching yourself fall while you feel you yourself are falling
i am sorry i am not you so i cannot give you a really nice logical answer but in my opinion
maybe the dream had something to do with your feelings your enviroment and or surrondings at that time
such as a bad childhood?
and perhaps metaphorically the beginning of this dream
climinging up the stairs then being pushed right back down
this ccould perhaps symbolize a rising of yourself in say a job or a rank then being demoted back down to where you used to be?
honestly im sorry i cannot give you a answer well enough
i myself cannot interpret this well.
you are you
it is your dream fabricated within your own mind
i think you will have to figure it out yourself one day.
(honestly a little off topic this sounds like the beginning of a good mystery movie or book... maybe you should recall and recollect this dream as best as you can)
because i have had a dream when i was young as well
a few years after that i had that exact same dream.
have you had this dream again after this one you stated?

climbing some stairs = goal reaching, seeking for acceptence
not letting you in, and being pushed down = being rejected
falling = losing control
seeing what your wear while falling = regain confidence

Since this dream is from your childhood. Something must have happened to your childhood. You may be a loner when you were small. You may be an intervert kind of person. Your personalities tend to be inside. You might be always by yourself when you were young. However, deep down subconsciously you like to gain your confidence back by yourself.

Basically, the dream reflects your personalities and that out of body experience is only example of how you want to regain confidence.

It could mean a lot of things. One thing that comes to mind, is this: You were pushed out of your friends lives some how. Maybe this has happened already, or maybe it will happen some time in the future. You would be basically "unwanted" in this persons life.

Your dream may be a metaphor for you being a victim of unwarranted suppression. Perhaps at that age, you were experiencing stratification from other children and regrouped it in your subconscious in the form of your Tree house dream.

Mabey you died but not comepletley> That was your spirit! It came back into you and you woke up!

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