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What does my dream mean? (PLEASE READ)?

Okay so this is my first time using this so bare with me here. So last night I had quite a strange dream. It began with me talking to this guy that I've liked for a while but the thing is-we haven't talked in probably a year. It's a REALLY long story, sorry. Long story short-he had just moved to where I'm at and we met and I like fell in love with him then my friends brother and him got into a fight (punching, screaming, etc.) and then he stopped appearing and I never see him but think about him everyday. *sigh* ANYWAY back to the dream: so we were talking and my best friend was there and I'm not exactly sure what we were talking about but all I know is that he was acting like he didn't like me. Well then my best friend left and as soon as she was gone he said suddenly started kissing me. (Awesome but weird :P). When we stopped he let me lean into him and cuddle and I was so happy and then all of a sudden I was at my dad's house (he lives in a different state than my mom). And we were in his garage where there was a fighter jet... So my bestfriend and her brother were in there waiting for me (no crush), so I hopped in and we had to wear air masks. I put that on and looked back and there were two strangers sitting back there in "tourist apparel". We lifted off and began flying and 5 minutes later landed in a hotel that I recently stayed in. This is extremely weird but my best friend and her brother and I then played "Hide and Go Seek Tag" inside the hotel... naked. (I have no control over what I am to dream of so don't judge me, I was even uncomfortable in the dream). So my other friend began playing-she too being naked and we were all having a 'good time'. Well then all of a sudden I was in the hallway of my little brother's school with one of my OTHER friends I hardly talk to and the guy I'm like in love with (same one) was there too with his friend. There were a bunch of people around us minding their own business. I walked up to my crush and apparently now we were dating (yay) and he hugged me and then we started kissing again... Then we left out friends and walked to his home (we live really close) and we went and sat by the sidewalk by his house and he I sat in his lap while he had his arms around me and I tilted my head back to look at him and he kissed me and told me how much he loved me and stuff. Then we cuddled and watched the sunset (I know all romantic-awww) and then he had to go home and before he left he gave me this weird little electronic square and then walked away. I began walking home and turned on 'the square'. It flashed a bit and then in big letters read "Roses are red, Vilolets are blue. Who would have ever guessed I'd meet a girl as perfect as you? I love you. So much." Then it turned off and I woke up. When I woke up I was happy because it was a good dream (apart from the naked tag). But all day now I've been thinking nonstop about him. I don't know what to do. Did this dream mean anything? Can someone please tell me what ALL of it means? Thank you so much. Sorry it was so long-this is literally my first time using this...

Well dreams dont really mean anything. Just what your thinking about/ feeling/ hopeing for/ not hopeing for

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