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!what does my dream mean? Part 2!?

The fourth night the old lady ghost appeared and transformed into three different type of ocean fishes.. The first one was a humpback whale, second a killer whale and last and stayed as a dolphin. The surrounding of the dream changed from a scary old haunted duplex home into a frozen arctic ocean with ice bergs... As she first transformed into the humpback whale... She was swimming in the depth of the ocean and when she came up for air she then again transformed into the killer whale... And went back down and out comes a dolphin... As the dolphin swims around the through the frozen Ice ocean... I was sitting on top of a large ice berg watching the dolphin swim freely and it looked like she was playing around in the waters... And as for the 2 guys... One of them disappeared into the frozen ocean and appeared as a pigfish/ dolphinpig. Weird looking but... I was more curious... Of why that kind of image... Then the fifth night came along... The old lady transformed back into a whale and then into a dolphin again... As she swims her way to me... The dolphinpig was swimming and playing around and accidentally broke the icing around the big ice berg I was on.. And then one of the guys in my dream appeared and yelled out... Watch out... You are gonna fall from there and the ice berg starting fall like an avalanche... And I fell right into frozen ice cold ocean... As I went under.. All three of them came swimming towards me.. The human man..., Dolphin, and the dolphinpig swam deep into the frozen ocean to find me... I was so scared that I would fall into the ocean and just freeze up into ice... I can't recall how I made it to the shoreline of the ocean but the duplex home reappeared in front of me in the arctic sorroundings... And as I regained conscious... I cried out " No..." wondering what happened to the guy, dolphin and dolphinpig... Because they were no where in sight... And woke up from the dream in tears of their loss...

!If anyone can interpret my dream!

No worries, Patjshiab. This is a dream about the person you are and the transition you are making from being a little girl to growing into a lovely adult woman. All the elements in these dreams (and the extended imagination embellishing the dreams) all represent various aspects of yourself from childhood into maturity. The old ghost woman, in particular, is your inner "wise woman," often described as your soul or your conscience. She is the part of you directing this beautiful transition.

Zia Lucia is not going to go into all the different images in detail. You can find a lot of information yourself in the source linked below. One major image is the ocean. That is ta classic symbol for feminine sexuality, with all the possible dangers and wonders that entails. You have much to discover in this new world, and you will need more than a little help navigating safely. That is the meaning of the dolphin, the guys and all the other creatures.

This is a beautiful dream, Patjshiab. Well done.

Be greatful you have such an imagination!

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