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What does my dream mean?(no Bs please)?

Okay im looking for an honest answer no *,I just want a respected answer,I had this dream that i killed my blood father on purpose with snake.I had this dream more then once always the same a dark day a world without green everything is dead and i go on a hunt for him i pass a bridge no water just a dried out thing i go to an appartment and call him out and he runs after me trying to beat me so I kick him and i drop him of the bridge and I throw a knife at him thus he falls into a snakes mouth that turns out to be my pet.Im just wondering what this means.Can anyone please help me

You want to destroy or overcome your father, or something that he represents to you. This could be your own judgmental or hostile attitude toward yourself, or it could be some kind of authority figure.

The knife and snake are symbols of masculinity. You will overcome your father or your negative feelings toward yourself by developing your own masculinity. Masculinity does not mean big muscles and violence. It means self-development, rational thought, and self-control.

Well, I guess it could mean that you don't like something in him that resembles you. And the snake eating him could mean something about you overpowering something else about you that your father represents. Either that or it might just be a thing for your mind to keep thinking because it keeps you asleep. Don't take what I think to seriously, I don't know much about this kind of stuff, but I really hope this helps (if it possibly can at all). Oh and the world being dark and everything being dead might just be a cleché of a world covered in dispare that your mind invisioned. Or it might mean you feel alone or depressed.

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