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What does my dream mean (it was freaky)?

I had a dream that I was at my brothers school, I was in a storage room, it was dark there was a 'leader' (as such) he had two body men (who were both men), there were two other men, a guy sitting besides a flight of stairs (who looked strangely like Emmet off Twilight) and myself (sort of dressed like I was a evil person off a superhero movie e.g. Tight mini dress made of shiny leather, fish net stockings and boots) I was scared, though tried my best to hide it, I went to sit on the mans knee (who was sitting near the stairs) but he went to go stab me in the arm with a vaccine for Swine flu, apparently the 'leader' had already killed a few other people with it. I ran from the man with the vaccination i ran up the flight of stairs but kept slipping then dropped something that I didn't even know I was holding on to, I couldn't pick it up because all these little kids were running down the stairs, well all I heard was screaming because that's where the 'bad people were'. It ended with me running to the door and being on a train.
Sorry for how long it is, I just need to explain.
Plus I have already tried to look it up, but there wasn't much.

You are having anxiety about the adult males you run into. You are having a question about your innocence in your subconscious mind.
Since you escaped it all..you will be fine in life.

There seem to be no significant meaning to such a dream, I think you were just stressed or worried about something you didn't even know was bugging you. Try to eat supper early, long before you go to bed. If its really something you should be worried about, I'm positive you'll have the dream again. Ps! don't be scared!

Okay. You seem to be afraid of some treatment. Fearing that it may do you more harm than what you may have already. And as much as you want to run away from it, you can't because you need the treatment.

Did you try looking the dream up on thecuriousdreamer/dreamanalyzer.php? I got a lot of answers.

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