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What does my dream mean - geese?

i was walking around a pond it was quite dark either dusk or dawn , and there was maybe 500 - 1000 canada geese surrounding the pond

Personally, I'm not too fond of books or websites that have a dream dictionary that says, a car means this, a horse means that. Dreams are too personal. The meaning of the geese for you probably has to do with your own life and experiences, where you live and how geese have shown up at different times for you.

Did the geese fly? Or were they all just roosting or feeding around the pond? For me, geese evoke a feeling of wild freedom. There's an old song that goes, "My heart knows what the wild goose knows / My heart goes where the wild goose goes . . ." My mom used to sing it to me.

Do you long to be wild and free, perhaps?

dusk ready to roost-rest, dawn ready for the journey.watering hole -replenish and rest

easy, see link

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