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What does my dream mean about a snake?

last night i had a dream that there was a green/brown snake or cobra in my verandah. it kept wrapping around poles and the garden hose and everytime i went near the door it could fit its head through it to try and get me. so my mum told me to ring some one to get rid of it but everytime i went to the phone the snake was there following me and i kept trying to hide. so instead i decided to go to the actuall place where they could come to my house and get rid of the snake but something kept stopping me so i never made it to the shop. but no matter where i went in my house it was always there and i kept hiding every where but it always found me. i cnt really remember if it was trying to attack me i think it did but all i know was that it was hugeee and didnt move on the floor like a snake but its head was always raised. i know that dreaming about snakes mean t=fear but could you be more specific?

it means you were unconsciously thinking about snakes in your sleep. doesn't this belong in the dream interpretations?

There is something blocking you from progressing in your life. it may be a friendship or relationship that is not healthy or becoming destructive. maybe you are holding a grudge or holding in grief that is stopping you from moving on in your life. the snake is what ever is holding you back and blocking you from progress. in your dream you realized that hiding from the problem did not solve it. my advice is to find what ever is stopping you from making the most out of your life and progressing to a good future. face this problem head on. show no fear and get rid of it. until you do it will keep attacking your dreams. :) good luck

Well you must have a fear of snakes but also:
something new is going to come into your life that you don't like, like, your mum has a new boyfriend that you don't like or somebody you hate really likes you maybe most likely to do with something in a bad relationship

whatevers on your mind alot keeps building up and releases it out in a dream through your sub -concious mind , i can think of alot better things to have on my mind

Look it up on google

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