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What does my dream about vampire like creatures mean?

I kept switching between different places. There was always a child and I was the father figure trying to protect it (I'm not a dad). I kept switching to different places and these pretty women kept appearing and would approach me with big smiles but would then show their fangs and evil expressions. I had to keep struggling to overpowering them then dash away to only end up in another random location such as a house or driveway.

I dont read the Twilight series. I like to watch fantasy, play WOW etc. But I take no interest in vampires and never read or watch anything about them

well, it could mean your meant to write a best selling hit novel series, Twilight started as her dream, or it could just mean you have an active imagination. I choose to see it as the child is you, and you want to protect your innocence as much as possible, but you feel the woman that you keep dating are killing that side of you, and only revel their true nature once your close enough to them, and rather then fight them, you run from the confrontation with the evil ex's and start over with someone else.

I didn't like talking evil spirits to skeptical westerners' mind
the child and the vampire are evil demons. they,re both somewhere inside your body influencing your decisions, rejoicing your life(food,drink,love,etc), while the vampire also sip your seeds and blood cells. the kid influenced you to avoid decent marriage(wedding,have kid,etc).btw. the lady lived somewhere in your bladder

There's probably one close to you :) and ur brain is giving u warnings.
Note: vampire aren't those Twilight things =__= it's a disgrace :L BUT they do exist! but they can't show it, so they look EXCATLY like us so u couldn't tell at all :D
So..ya...something might attack u ;D

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