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What does my depressing dream mean?

I dreamt my friend invited me around [it was not his house but my cousins] sometime in the dream i found him under the covers with a whole bunch of people,i was suprised/bit upset.I went to the bathroom to check my hair/makeup and left he did not say g/bye to me.I walked off with my puppy who then turned into a drunk guy in a tux leaning on me.

I was very sad when i woke up,I have a mini crush on my friend.

To be honest, I think dreams have no real meaning, I think they are just random segments of memories that have no use and are just pieced together during REM sleep.

I think people go to dream interpreters because they want the person to confirm what they want to hear, just like fake fortune tellers.

It sounds like you are just a tad bit worried that you might like him but he will choose other mates. As for the dog thing...a bit hard to decipher :P but it sounds like the drunk guy represents the burden the crush has on you since you woke up upset.

Hope this helps!

As you have a bit of a crush on him, this is probably about your insecurity that he wouldn't like you too. I suspect too that although you have a bit of a crush on him, you would actually be a bit nervous if he showed interest in you as you would wonder if he actually meant it or was just teasing you. He is maybe a bit more worldy wise than you? You could be a bit frightened he might turn out to be someone different to who you thought h was.

Dreams are your brain sorting out stuff in a random way, so as such they mean nothing!

But If you have a crush on the guy then go for it, hope he's sensible enough to like a top girl like you!


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