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What does my dad's dream mean?

My dad gave me a call because he said he had a dream about me last night... he said that in the dream there was a room where he was told not to go in to.. but he did and I was laying on a bed sick... I'm guessing like I was suffering from a sickness.. what can this mean?

It's probably part of his great love & devotion toward you, plus there's so much in the paper about flu & other concerns that it led to his dream. Since you don't seem to be there lying on your deathbed, it's not a real cause for concern. Most importantly, remember that it was his dream & not yours. Something in his mind wrote the dream, & I'm guessing that it's just part of what's been playing in his head as fed by the media. By all means, encourage everyone in the family to get flu & whooping cough vaccinations, but on the other hand, don't take the dream to be a predictor of the future.

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