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What does it means when you keep having a dream your boyfreind is cheatin on u and he leaves u for the other g?

if this has happened to u in the past, maybe something your observing about his behavior brings back something that already happened in your past with another guy. and the more u think about something the more of a chance u will dream of it.

His daily behavior is causing you to be neurotic and insecure. Even in dreams you can't escape the possibility he might be screwing you out of love and happiness. Next time you wake up from a dream like that, whack him with a pillow a few good times and then sneak off to his phone to check for possible infidelities. Either you'll sleep well knowing there's nothing there or you'll have a good excuse to throw the pillow to the side and hit him for real.

1. You have low self-esteem
2. You have had bad experiences in the past and fear they will happen again
3. You don't trust your boyfriend

I think everyone has had this dream before- I'm been married now for 9 years and I still have this dream even though I totally trust my husband and we have an awesome relationship. Don't worry about it. Just be aware.

It means sub-conscience mind is playing on your insecurities. Relax and don't get mad at him, it's just a dream. Time gains trust, when you trust him enough (because he earns it), you will stop having these dreams.

Unless you are physic, it means nothing. I think you are just concerned about cheating. It might even come from a former relationship.

Means you're paranoid your bf is cheating on you and going to leave you for another girl.

It means that subconciously you dont trust him and keep fearing for the worst.

It probably means that you are insecure deep inside yourself an do not wanna admit. have self confidence. Love yourself so you believe him that he loves you too

it means you are not sure of his love you need reassuring. when he convinces you of his love the dreams will stop good luck

You have alot of underlying insecurity

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