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What does it mean when you have a dream that you had an M.R.I Scan and an E.E.G on your brain?

I've had an mri scan and an eeg scan in 7th grade everything came out normal but i still to this day think there's something up in my brain. I had a hemiplegic migraine if your wondering...I've had headaches A LOT since i was in 2nd grade. But after the mini-stoke i had this weird snappy ping(like when you buzz someone on Y! Messenger its hard to describe) thing in my frontal lobe of my brain like at random times and i can't walk straight like i can't even SEE straight! Then goes back to normal.

It means that you had immagined yourself having an MRI and EEG, nothing more.

It means that you are trying to use external means to solve an internal problem. You are in conflict as to how your perception of reality differs from the truth. I recommend going for more testing. Just to make sure. I think it shouldn't be too hard to identify the problem. And doing so may prevent any future discomfort. You will be fine. God bless.

I would just try to go back to sleep, dream and make sure the tests were covered under your insurance- very important! LOL

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