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What does it mean when you have a dream about having a baby?

I'm 14, not on birth control nor have I ever had sex and I do not currently have a boyfriend. In the dream I remember telling my mom it was 'time', then the doctor saying im about to have a contraction. After that I blacked out, then woke up with her at home in bed but she was like 2 years old. I'm mixed, and the father was obviously Caucasian because she was pretty light but had wavy dark brown hair and green eyes. I do remember her name was Amelia and that she already knew her alphabet because we were at a restaurant and she was reading off the letters on the kids menu to me. But thats all.
What do you think this could mean?
Thanks a ton! xoxo

New beginnings of some kind. A fresh start. You've acknowledged your potential and maybe overcome something to make you take a step up.

To dream going into labour can represent you are dependent on something or somebody. You like to be taken care of.

It means you had a dream,
last night i had a dream I had sex with elmo,
it means nothing.

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