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What does it mean when you dream vampires and they bite you?

It means that you watched a vampire movie the images stayed in your mind.Or if you didn't watch it you are just afraid of vampires.

vampires don't exist, that comes from media. And the image of fear goes into your mind. If you do dream of that, it means you have fear of something. It may mean you have anger with someone and you are afraid of those people and your projected them as vampires

ah let me see into my crystal ball. dreams are symbolic. most people in dreams represent something so simple nothing so heavy. vampires are what? blood sucking leeches that "drain" ur blood or energy another word. so perhaps ur life is being drained or bogged down by to many people who are wanting to much or u just watched a vamp movie.

It means that you should quit watching too many vampires movies.. lol..

It probably means that you are stressed about a problem that keeps getting bigger and bigger and that you are unclear how to keep it from getting worse, but you have not tried to really resolve it either because you are afraid of the outcome.

You watch too much TV

not good

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