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What does it mean when you dream of vampires?

I have had quite a few dreams about vampires but im always helping them ...i thought vampires were evil ...why am i helping evil and sometimes falling in love with them?

Don't believe for a minute that images or concepts in a dream have a fixed meanings for everyone. It's dependent on the dreamer himself/herself. That is to say, concepts in dreams represent feelings *you* have. To interpret the concept, you must ask *yourself* what feelings those concepts evoke in you, and then figure out what, in real life, gives you that *same feeling*. Then you'll know THAT'S what the concept represents.

In your example, you dream about helping and even falling in love with vampires. What feeling does that evoke in you? Fear? Trepidation? Excitement? Confusion?

Is there anything in your current life that is causing you that same exact feeling? Are you worried about how your family/friends will accept your new boyfriend or some other choice you've recently made? Are you planning to join the Peace Corps or some similar vocation and are anxious about what the future will involve? Are you uncomfortable with a current series of events? Whatever is going on in your life right now that is causing you that same emotional turmoil or ambivalence or excitement or feeling is what the concepts in the dream represent.

The answer to what the images in your dream represent lies in those questions, and only you know the answers to those questions. Answer those questions for yourself and, bingo, you'll have the answer to what the imagery in your dream represents.

Means that you are a very disturb individual.

It means you're obsessed... you're lusting blood...
It just means you're probably obsessed.

It means you are also obsessed with "Twilight" ...

means that u should stop reading twilight.

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