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What does it mean when you dream of vampires?

i had a dream about vampires one night. whats this mean>

According to the Dreamcrowd web site

Dreaming about vampires is very common. They may represent negative forces inside of yourself and in your life. Most of the monsters are representing your own negative characteristics and tendencies. The monster in your dreams could be your fear, bad temper, negativity, smoking habit, or anything else that is hurtful and needs to be changed. The way that you deal with the vampire in your dream is generally symbolic of the way you are dealing with the corresponding negativity in your daily life. If you wake up from this dream and are very frightened, just remember that your mind created those images and that their purpose is to teach you something about yourself.

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I hope that helps.

Symbolism in dreams is very subjective, the meaning of vampires in your dream, may differ from the meaning in another person's dream. Knowing nothing about you or the current state of your life, all i can do is generalize. So, generally speaking dreaming of vampires most likely symbolizes something in your life that is draining you; either intellectually physically, spiritually, or emotionally etc. This might be a person in your life (some people are referred to as psychic vampires; people who drain your energy and feed off of it in a way) perhaps you have a friend or family member who's presence in your life is too demanding on you, and this is creating an issue that must be resolved. It's also possible that the occurrence of vampires in your dream may be a sign of your lifestyle draining you, you may be the vampire draining yourself. or the vampires may have a much deeper unconscious symbolism for you. without even knowing the context, it is very difficult to discern the symbolism of vampires in your dream. if you would elaborate it would be a great help.

ive been worrying about my 4 month old kitten who is ill with kidneys not working i had a long mixed up dream about vampires last

pray for protection before sleep

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