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What does it mean, when you dream of gray wolves.?

This is strange. I just had a dream of a pack of gray wolves running in different directions in my back yard and trying to attack my family and neighbors dog and growling at every one, but these wolves were digging up bones. o_0

Now i can't go back to sleep.

Personally wolves are one the scariest things I have ever dreamt of. ( For me I think it's because of that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the wolves almost attack Belle before the Beast saves her). They seem to be unbeatable.

I don't know what your dream means but try not to stress about it. And going on the computer when you can't sleep has to be the WORST thing you could do. Maybe have some calming music on an MP3 player or something to get you back to sleep.

Nightmares can sometimes be coz you are too hot or there is too much light in your room or you are worried about something. If you have more nightmares or your family hears you screaming in your sleep you should look into "night terrors".

Wolves are pack animals and in that they are similar to humans. Dogs will tend to symbolise the good qualities of a pack or group. Wolves tend to link to people close to us who are behaving badly(or bad things happening to the family or within a tightly knit group). Wolves also tend to link to selfish and nasty people in general.

Wolves can also be a positive symbol. If you appear to be a wolf or the dream has a very natural feel to it then maybe the dream depicts your own struggle against the forces lined up against you. The wolf can depict your own desire to be pure and honest and take on the natural challenges the world presents you. You identify with the wolf and its ability to survive and the dignity of its behavior.

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