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What does it mean when you dream of a calm person wearing a suit on top of a water slide going through trial?

in this dream me and my friend were standing on the side watching him on trial. He was sitting on the top of a waterslide with the water running on the slide but everything was calm. He looked relaxed. I do have a friend that is going to trial next week. What does this mean

Wow, well, this is interesting... here is a definition from dream-of for waterslide:
To dream that you are on or see a waterslide, suggests that you are being swept away by your emotions. You are slowly exploring the realm of your unconscious. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are going with the flow of things without any objections or resistance.

That the person on the slide looks relaxed, suggests that the second part of the definition applies better... It sounds like even though you are concerned about your friend, he is facing the trial calmly, and with acceptance for whatever brought it about. You don't say what he is on trial for, but the first part of the definition for waterslide could also apply if he is in trouble for something that has to do with letting his emotions get the better of him, and leading him into something he shouldn't have done. That everything is calm and he is relaxed in the dream bodes well, though... Good luck...

i say that ur friend is brave and relaxed and wants to go someplace wifa water slide after his trial.


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