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What does it mean when you dream in a different language?

I'm Sicilian and Italian on my mothers side. My grandmother is Italian and my grandfather is Sicilian. Well, I have relatives that still live in Sicily, (Augusta, Sicily to be exact) and I met them about 4 years ago. Well they were the ones who were in my dream. Now, I know some Italian, but I cannot speak it fluently. Any takes on why I had this dream? I was like speaking the language and understanding it so perfectly in my dream..

Oh, the same thing happened to me a while ago, except in Korean. I am absolutely nowhere near close to being fluent in Korean (I started learning in February), but in my dream I was speaking it fluently. I think it's because I was studying really hard that day. Maybe you were doing something pertaining to your relatives or the Italian language earlier that you had a dream about it. If you subconsciously think about something a lot you have dreams about it.

It means you're verrrrrrry close to being, if not already fluent, my dear. That's a good thing!

"Maledizione! Sei quasi fluente di italiano!" would my reaction, haha :)

Understand a language when spoken is the hardest component (the others being reading, writing, and speaking).

Buono lavoro!

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