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"What does it mean when you dream about vampires or someone trying to kill you?"?

I have had many dreams about this. I always wake up scared. I always find myself running to my neighbor's house. Talk about eerie.

Only you can decide what your dream means - you have to toy with ideas and when it feels like it 'fits' then that is probably the significance. Once you decide, it might abate.

There are many theories of what dreams are and how meaningful they are. Maybe it means nothing; maybe you've watched Thriller too many times; maybe you're a bit histrionic and dependent and looking for a way to engage your neighbour in care giving behaviour.

Having said all of that, I tend to subscribe to the idea that our dreams - the characters and objects within them - represent some part of our inner selves. Therefore, by that theory, if you dream that someone or something is trying to kill you, then it would mean that you are trying to kill some part of yourself - perhaps some part of you that you don't like; some memory or feeling. You don't like some part of who you are and you're trying to change.

Small children who hear strange and scary noises in the dark usually run into their parents bedroom and crawl into bed between them. Eventually it dawns on the child that it was the parents who were making the scary noises. The only recourse is to run to the neighbors. According to Freud,
dreams are wish fulfillment.

That dream recapitulated an infantile trauma. It was a sort of disguised flashback.

Either you've just seen 30 Days of Night or there is something in your life that is weighing you down and slowly taking away from you something in an emotional sense. Being that vampires are parasitic means it's not happening all at once but progressively.

it means your cool

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