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What does it mean when having a dream about flies in your hair?

I had a dream last night that my sister told me she had flies in her hair and i didn't believe her thinking she just had lice and when I went up to look at her head there were actually flies there and we killed one. I went and grabbed a hand full of papers and rolled it up for a flyswatter and then I woke up.

People who dream about flies being 'in their hair' or around their head can be experiencing something very troubling in their life.

The sensation of "flies" can come from a great deal of confusion being experienced and the cause could be from a bad relationship with another person. Is your sister ok in her relationships? Could there be someone in her life that's been causing her grief? You know the old saying "I want this out of my hair!" well, your sister could have something 'in her hair' like that - like buzzing flies or 'bees in the bonnet', there's possible confusion/anger/frustration on your sister's mind. You want to help her by what you've said in your dream with that makeshift swatter. So if you can identify what might be causing your sister to experience angst, then you might find a way to see how she can be relieved of this pressure in her life. :)

Maybe it means you don't want flies in someone's hair. Or maybe it was just an odd dream.

It means you need to wash

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