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What does it mean to dream the death of a close friend?

I've never been one to be able to remember my dreams.. sometimes I feel like I'm not asleep long enough to dream because I'm usually up every 45 minutes or so and I don't usually sleep more than 4 hours most nights, but recently (the past fortnight, maybe) I've been having incredibly vivid dreams, and the past 3 or 4 nights I've been waking up crying every hour or two, after dreaming my best friend has died and have been getting up to check his Facebook for R.I,P messages. We're really close friends but, lately, we've hardly seen each other because his girlfriend doesn't like him talking to me. In the dreams I never actually get told he's dead, for example, in one dream, I was sitting in my sister's kitchen with my mum and my sister, and my mum is using her phone, I see her type in a number, and I recognise it, I ask who she's calling, and she says no one, she dials the number and asks
"is Andrew there?" and after a few seconds she just starts crying and says "Oh, Andrew!" and her face just kind of melts away, and I know what's happened, but nobody says that it has, then I woke up. In another, I was walking along a bridge in the marina, which one of my cousins jumped off drunk last year and died, and when I read the notes on the flowers, I saw my friend's name "Andrew" my cousin was called "Adam" name, and a stranger walked by and said "did you know him?" and I said "Yes, he was my best friend" and the man just said "Stupid boy" and walked off..

Is this because I haven't been seeing him much? I've been so worried about him since I've been having these dreams.. any interpretations appreciated :) thanks xxx

Sounds like you haven't been seeing him much and are worried about him. Are you missing your cousin as well and perhaps the dream is tying these both together. Perhaps you should properly get in contact with him and see what happens. That bizzo of the girlfriend not liking him seeing you is really pathetic and she needs to build a bridge or something...

I know when something significant in my life is going to happen when Dad appears in my dreams. It doesn't necessarily mean someone is going to pass over, it just means something major is going to happen. Maybe this is the same kind of thing for you.

that's very strange...some say that dreams are windows to the future, but i don't believe it. i am not exactly sure what it means, but you mentioned that you have been missing him so maybe your brain is making ways to see him, even if it is his death.

it means that you feel close to that person and are afraid of losing them

and get some sleep girl! sheesh!

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