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What does it mean to dream of cleaning and searching?

Hello, fellow dreamers. I recently dreamed of cleaning the concrete dog pen in my dad's backyard with a garden hose. It was full of mud and short grass. It was a difficult chore. I had to pull up the grass by hand. The scene shifted to a college campus where I was looking for a class. When I entered the building, I was lost and annoyed. There was too much traffic because it was also a voting precinct. The scene shifted again when I found myself in my apartment looking for socks. I was annoyed when I opened the dresser drawer and discovered it was nearly empty but with a few mismatches. My sister was behind me and I growled, "My socks aren't here." Then I awoke. btw In waking life, I was mildly annoyed with her the night before because I tried to call her and she didn't answer. She later told me that she turned off her phone. Was this relevant to the dream? What's your interpretation? Thanks much.

Backyards, like basements, can be symbols of the subconscious mind. Pulling weeds can be a symbol of working through a myriad of difficulties one by one or working through some present pressures and stresses and anxieties. It is solving problems one by one.

Dogs are symbols of friendship and loyalty.

Concrete is very tough and durable.

It is your dad's backyard, so an aspect of this touches upon your relationship with your father.

Water is the symbol of emotions; here, it takes on a more cleansing element as you are cleaning through the gunk in your relationship. Mud adds an element of confusion as a symbol.

College indicates learning at a high level; voting indicates choice in matters that are important to you.

Feet are symbols of forward movement. Socks cover and protect the feet. Here, you may have some confusion about exactly where you are going, moving or what you will "be" going forward in life.

If I had to put the first part of the dream together with the second part of the dream, I would say this: clean up issues from the past (especially with your father); once you do this, you will be able to see clearly where you are headed in the future.

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