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What does it mean to dream of a deamon embracing you screaming in your ear in another language?

Had a dream of a demon/satan and he was holding me tight screaming into my ear, in a diffrent language. In my dream the demon was inside one of my friends.

Wow! This is really lucky for you. In ancient Khazikstani culture it is believed that demonic dreams symbolize future prosperity and wealth. Id suggest you play the lottery ASAP!

Well, it means somethings bothering you. was it a friend or a "dream friend?" you know, like when you ahve a dream that someone is in it, but its not actually the person, or its "you" but not actually you? those are always more fun. dreams are confusing and bizarre. best not let it get to you. I had a dream about swirly rainbow sky and crop fields and it freaked me the hell out and I to this day do not know why.

But yeah even nonsense can scare you. As far as i can tell, the content of the dream has nothing to do with the level of fear/bizarreness of it.

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