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What does it mean if you dream of saving someones life?

well last night i dreamt my freinds went to jail for doing a crime they didnt acturly do but the guards forgot about them and they started starving and i went into the prison and got them out and saved one from being killed by a bullet wound so wat does this dream mean guys ?:)

ha..ha..ha.. what does this dream means ? this is your question citing a dream. ok.

This mean...

you are reading news papers regularly without leaving any news. you also read investigating magazines. i find no other meaning because...

A dream..is a dream..is a dream only.

A free movie...

no need to go to theatre, purching tickets, more expenditures during intervals..

In a movie, we see violence, comedy, threatenings, duet, love, heroism, adventures...

and similarly, we have the same scenes in our dreams.

so, a dream is a free movie, an entertainment in night sleeping and enjoy the free movie and there is no meaning in finding a meaning to a dream.

but i can say one thing.. in a dream you are doing good means, you are a very kind person naturally and you have helping tendencies which echo in your dream.

Well jail most likely represents that you are in a situation were you feel trapped or uncomfortable and the fact that you rescued someone means that you are taking control of that situation.

This might relate to a real life situation such as were you might feel trapped and intimidated by someone at work but you eventually stand up to them and resolve the situation therefore rescuing yourself and others from that situation.

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