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What does it mean for me to have a dream about me being In jail on my 21st birthday?

Im 19 now but I just had a dream that I was a prisoner in a jail that me and my friends had taken a tour around shortly befor while still in the dream. Durin this dream I was held in there for my 21st birthday but I got let out a little after. Then I went to the liquor store to buy my first bottle of alcohol because for some reason I was extremely depressed for missing my 21st bday in this dream and I wanted to get wasted drunk, but for some reason I never bought the alcohol. Then after that, the same friends and I took another tour of the prison and saw my bunk and cell and everything. If someone knows the meaning to this dream please help.

it means you feel trapped maybe you are living at home but wish you could have your own place the prison means you will live somewhere where you bwill be sharing with others maybe you will rent out a big house and share with several others and you think you would like to party but really thats not what you want you feel trapped in the stuation you find yourself and you feel held back from your dreams but worst you worry you will still be in this situation when you are 21 but in reallity you can make your dreams come true you can move and change your life so time to choose what you want in your life and plant the seeds to make it happen it may take time but if you focus you will achieve

I think it is your knowledge that turning 21 means that you will be held accountable for your actions according to the law. I agree that you may be feeling trapped in whatever current situation you are in and perhaps you think that getting older will only make the problems worse; perhaps you are worried about having to "grow up", which is what 21 represents, being an adult. It's a common fear at your age.

This is just your feeling.Though you are 19,you feel that you have no freedom.There may be many restriction in home by father or mother .You feel that you are in jail.Your parents may be very strict in home.You feel that you have been recognised as a grown up/adult.

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