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What does drinking alcohol in a dream mean?

theres a guy that i love hes my bestfriend and we both love eachother as u no like bf and gf but were like on and off relationship and hes mostly like a bro 2 me but anywayssssss i had a dream that he was drinking alcohol in a religous place and he does drink alcohol and i tell him 2 stopp but he doesnt and i haventtalked 2 him in like 3 months and sometimes he lies and says he didnt drink when i no he does...in my religon drinking alcohol isnt allowed and the religous place is like a chruch...what does that dream mean?should i stay away from him?

The alcohol is less about booze and more about defiance. You feel he does not take anything you say seriously

What kind of alcohol?

If wine, then it could supposedly mean you were a source of divine knowledge.

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