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What does dreaming of ropes mean?

I had a strange dream. Everyone I met had a rope around their necks. It was tied to something so they couldn't go far. Some had their ropes short, some long. I also had a rope on my neck, but carried the rest of it in my hand.

A friend came along, said "hi" and left. I realized he also carried a rope, but was not tied with it. It inspired me and I started looking for scissors. But all I kept finding were books. When I asked people, they offered me hair dye instead. I read the books and kept giving them to my friend. There was no reaction until I gave him the last one - something along the lines of "how to talk and understand" or something. He said he has no need for such stupid books, that thanks to the dictionaries I gave him he can understand Russian, German, Spanish and English already. I was a bit angry as I felt he didn't get the point...

What can this dream mean? They're great guides, dreams, always allow a new perspective on things.

Hi Martina,

My what an interesting dream! It made me flash to when you give someone enough rope to hang themselves with. Its an interesting visual metaphor for the observation that everyone has obligations and responsibilities that are tied to them, some heavier than others, like ropes around one's neck. And just like in waking life, some people have plenty of rope and others don't.

If you look at the friend as another aspect of yourself, there is a part of you that understands that the ropes we tie ourselves with have power over us only when we allow them to. We always have a choice, even if it looks like we don't. This is an inspiring thought to the you that buys into the reality that we are tied down and limited, so you start looking for a quick fix (scissors).

But just as in life, there aren't really any quick fixes, there is usually work to be done and this includes learning, so you are finding books. I think its also that the most obvious solution (the scissors) is actually NOT the solution and more examination of the situation is necessary to help you decide how to cut yourself loose from the ones that would keep you bound and confined. This is not a literal binding in the sense of a rope literally tied around your neck but a metaphorical one, in terms of the ropes we tie to each other of love, friendship, mutual respect, business associates, family, lovers and so on. Feels like several people are involved so it's family, friends or business associates. I'm leaning to an insupportable workplace situation you would like to cut loose from and a few people.

Interesting that when you asked people for the answer they offered you hair dye. This is a great visual metaphor for the idea that most people in the waking world are not only tied into their limited views of reality but also their focus is on the surface of things, how one looks, the latest fashion, the coolest new toy, how one stacks up to the Joneses. The world of superficiality. You aren't going to find the answers you seek by looking outside yourself, but rather looking within.

Use your innate intuition. You understand much more than you think you know. I think this is why your 'friend' said he has no need for such stupid books. The answers are already inside you. That's illustrated by the 'friend' understanding all those languages. You know whats really going on, you can speak the languages of those around you, you don't need some book to tell you how to talk or understand. You know who's phony and whos not, who's superficial and who's not, what's good for you and what's not. The question is who/what do you want to let close to you/deal with/put up with? I think perhaps you have been looking at this situation in your waking life from a backwards perspective - you do understand, you do get the point, you just don't want to see it. Another part of you is frustrated and pissed that you are missing the point.

I would say this dream speaks to realizing that in this complicated interpersonal situation, you DO know what's up, you just don't want to see it, probably because you know consciously acknowledging the issue means you will have to take a stand. I mean calling someone on their stuff, or recognizing YOU need to make some changes and acting on them, or quitting that job. That kind of scary stuff.

You have given people the room and the rope to hang themselves, metaphorically speaking and you know what's going on. Do you want to keep the shallow ones close to you or choose people with a broader perspective who can enhance your life, not keep you down and focussed on superficial things that are meaningless? Do you want that shallow pointless job just to pay rent or go for something that has meaning to you? There is some caution warranted though, the answer to your waking dilemma is not the obvious and simple one. Educate yourself. Do your homework and make informed decisions.


Zola Uriel

It may mean that good things are coming, or possibly bad ones. It could also mean prosperity is on the way or, on the other hand, that tough times are ahead. I hope this helps.

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