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What Does Dream Mean?

So, last night I dreamed that I was at a gas station. There was man acting like he was going to help me fix my car. Then he turned on me and pulled out a gun on me and demanded my money. I was crying telling him all I had was $58.00. I went to my purse and pulled out the money. All of a sudden there were two men in my dream. I saw the police coming and I didn’t want them to see me give the man the money. So, I wasn’t sure which guy I was suppose to give the money to. I kept asking but neither one of them would say anything. I didn’t give it to the gunman I gave to the other man. So, the gunman called me a B****. I left from them and went through the inside of gas station. I decided to hurry up and leave out of the gas station in case the guy came back after me. I ran out of the gas station parking lot to this restaurant next door and I was hiding. I was going to hide into they got gone. Any ideas what this dream could possibly mean.

Spend some time thinking about the number 58. I notice that you had that number in another dream you posted (you had a failing mark of 58), and I doubt this is just a co-incidence. They are both a negative associated with 58.

The first things to check are whether 1958 means anything to you, or the age of 58. If not, then check out 58 months ago - that would be December 2008. Or, 58 weeks ago - which would be late August of 2012. Was there anything problematic or traumatic about any of those times? If not, try thinknig more about anything else that 58 triggers for you or means to you. I have picked time because numbers in dreams often refer to some time or age where something relevent happened.

By giving money to the bad guy, you are giving value to something in your life that doesn't deserve it. It is not necessarily a person, in fact not even likely to be a person. It is more likely to be something in yourself that you are valuing. There is a part of you (the policeman) that knows what is right and wrong, and you are hiding the mis-valuing from that sense of right/wrong that you naturally have.

Needing your car fixed at the gas station, or even just needing gas, is symbolic of something wrong/being out of gas in your drive, your motivation (as your car often represents that). What ever has happened in your waking life to cause this, it is resulting in the mis-giving of value.

I hope this helps. I would be curious to know if 58 turns up anything for you.

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