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What does a dream mean when somebody you know comes out of an egg?

My friend told me about a dream she had that the people in her dream saved the world and out of no where this egg pops up and I break out of it and there's like confetti flying around like some grand entrance. And everyone was reacting like I'm some celebrity. Then right after I get on a sailboat, make the stereotypical sailor salute pose, and sail away into the clouds. As soon as I left. The rest of the people ate cake. I laughed.

It means she sees you as sort of a celebrity in her life. Someone she looks up to and admires (thus, all the elaborate celebrations when you arrived).

After you sailed off, they continued to celebrate, which means she's comfortable with her life even when you're gone...but she'd rather have you there.

Personally, I think she might have a crush on you.

In my dreams, everyone's faces are blurred... or their animated.

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