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What does a dream about insects sprouting from dreamers body mean?

Through the years I have a recurring dream that insects, either ants or spiders, sprout out of a bump on my right forearm. Its always the same spot on the right arm, any part of the dream before or after are not remembered, only the insects sprouting out of the bump. What could this mean?

Actually, Angus, Robert might be right - 'might' being the operative word.

It's clearly some sort of bookmark for you, intended to make you more aware of that area on your right forearm, but if you have any even basic knowledge about acupuncture, you'll know it's based on the idea they're all these little power points all over our bodies which, if we stimulate them, supposedly correct imbalances to things like our liver, kidneys, heart, etc. You don't even have to use needles to activate them, hence the development of acupressure, but you can also stimulate them by merely concentrating on them - which of course you're doing, even if only in your dreams.

There's also the possibility - assuming you can credit the idea the dream realm's part of this gigantic sort of telepathic internet which connects everything in the universe together in a sort of Facebook of the soul - that you're experiencing what other people've reported, attempts by super sentient insects from other worlds or dimensions to make contact with them.

I myself seem to have a lot of dreams to do with interacting with super intelligent luminous bees, some of which can be deeply unnerving because they seem to view 'communicating' as something akin to exploring by burrowing. Then there're these almost godlike blue glowing ones which seem to pulsate and hover in the void of eternity.

I've also had ones where seemingly hostile Martian insectoids've attempted to invade me, but thanks to lucid dreaming my brother's been able to bite them out of me (!).

The main thing I'd recommend you do, though, is simply decide whatever else the dream means it DOESN'T mean it's going to actually happen, and even if it does, it doesn't mean anything serious - not in a neurotic obsessive way, but matter of factly, on the basis if you've got the choice (and you have!), then your choice's it won't happen, then forget about it.

Remember, everytime you feel things like depression, fear, anger, hatred, it takes an enormous amount of energy to enable you to experience them - so everytime you experience, say, anxiety, realise this isn't anxiety, it's energy coloured with anxiety, energy that only thinks it's anxiety, a realisation which can set the energy free for much better purposes.

Good luck.

someday insects will sprout out of a bump on your right forearm

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