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What does a dream about being in a concentration camp mean?

I was in English class and Nazi officers came in and started shooting my random classmates, and they had a list. If you were on the list, you were either deported to a concentration camp or later deported. Near the end, they called me name and when I went outside, I saw my friend say "whew" and then I was l was thinking to myself that I might be saved. I looked at the list and my name was there and I looked at my friend's name and her name was bolded. That meant I had to go to a concentration camp. I went into a wagon and my friend was in there too. She was happy, as usual and she was calling my name. I started breaking down into tears & she hugged me but the officer pulled us apart. After, we reached the concentratin camp and there was a swamp. I imagined myself drowning in the swamp rather than being killed by an officer. I could literally feel myself suffocating in my dream. I saw my dad driving a Jeep and he secretly brought me krispy kreme donuts and told me to save them for later because we wouldn't have any food. We all went to the meeting hall where they were announcing that they had tickets. If you had a ticket, you would be immediately killed. Whenever i saw an officer with a ticket, I hurried ran to another area with my mom and dad. I was talking to my dad & an officer came up to my dad and gave him a ticket. I'm not sure what happened after but I saw myself looking out a window and I saw a officer come out of nowhere. I tried to hide, but he saw me and gave me a ticket. After that, my dream ended. o_o It was a nightmare because I could picture and remember everything so clearly..

HAHAHAHA what a dream how funny. Well I believe dreams are random thoughts in our brain jumbled up together to make a story. It necessarily doesn't mean anything. It is just random junk in your subconscious mind fused together to make a story.

Though stress and emotional pain can definitely affect the dreams you have.

It means you need to quit your job.

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