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What do you think this dream means?

normally i think about dreams for a while and then forget them, ut this one is just too weird.
I dreamt that there was a family of cavemen (a father and 2 sons) who lived in a vast, beautiful forest. then two nuns came and took the little son away. when he returned to his family, he was an english speaking gentleman, while the rest of his family were still cavemen. I think this is the weirdest dream ive ever had, and i need someones opinion.

it means that you worry about how your parents view you and how you view your parents, to you your parents may be a little behind the times and find it hard keeping up woth all the newer technology and music e.t.c but to them you worry that they may think of u as abit of a keep for know more about these things than them, i dont mean any disrespect. i have a family member who is a dream phsycologist and this is his opinion not mine.

This is a common dream. It means that you are asleep.

You watch too much tv.

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