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What do you think this dream means?

There's a girl running down a road that's never ending, being chased by an unknown thing.
As she's running a gate appears in the middle of the road and when she goes through she's back in primary school, except nobody is there and then suddenly she sees a dead horse in the middle of the playground, gruesomely cut in half. She wants to scream but when she tries to she finds she is laughing instead and then everyone comes back and thinks that she killed the horse because she's laughing at it.
Then the horse turns into a birthday cake and everyone starts to eat it, only it's full of rancid meat so then everyone is sick. The people all decide it's her fault and start chasing her around the playground throwing frogs at her and telling her that she's really a wrinkly old lady.
Then she sprouts wings and starts to fly away but just as shes a few hundred metres in the air, the wings disappear again and she falls to the ground, only its not the playground anymore, it's a pond and she can touch the bottom with her toes and so she starts to laugh again and then the dead horse falls on her head and she wakes up.


This is NOT MY DREAM, so please don't answer saying that I must have some phycological problems, that is not helpful.

WOW , let's see :
it's about that unknown thing chasing her , something from her past was " is " hunting her for so long , and she may be seeking the answer to it , so the rest of the dream just tries to tell her what it is exactly .

now primary school is old days or childhood ,
and the playground can be vacations or holidays ,
the horse is confusing , being that way means it is something bad happened " to maybe a twin , I don't know " ,
being unable to express her emotion or confusing it , means something she can't get out or something out of her control ,
and looks like she had to carry a burdens of guilt for things she had nothing to do with more than once
Edit : frogs means people were after her with their tongues , and they said things about her " maybe bad things .
, but she was able to get over it for awhile ,
but now she felt again into that trap and it reminded her of the past , and the lake can be her tears or just indicates she is in troubles but not that much as she can touch the ground and that means she can survive but still the past hunting her and she still can't scream " maybe that means she still can't defend herself or make people see the truth "

I hope that helps .

This dream may have lots to do with this person's personality, let's take a look of each item and come up with a big picture. Shall we?

running down a road without end = lack of direction, feeling emptiness
being chased by unknown = being criticized, disrespected
back in primary school but no one is there = feeling left out, emptied, lack of support
dead horse in the playground, gruesomely cut in half = lack of decision making
laughing instead of screaming =unbelievable feeling, feeling unusual
everyone comes back and thinks she killed the house = feeling blame
horse turn into a birthday cake = seeking for attention
throwing frogs at her and chasing her = being insulted, being disrespected
starts to fly away = looking ways to escape
falls to the ground = helplessness

This dream basically points to one thing. She is very low in self esteem. She may be feeling social pressure. She may be feeling lack of respect, lack of support in many aspects of her life. All those projections point to introvert personality of her. She may need help in reality, but just that she can't get any due to her personality. She may keep lots of things herself. She does not want to expose too much. The horse, the laugh basically reflects help, and support you are looking.

Overall, she may have some issue in her social life that subconsciously she may want others to support her, understand her. Unfortunately, in reality, she can't get any help and that is why she vent this out in dream.

Whoever she is, she may need help in reality

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