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What do you think this dream means?

Right this isn't the dream:Me and my exgirlfriend have been together twice. First time I betrayed her trust. Second time someone made it appear that I did when I hadn't but we're still friends. I really want her back.
Right the dream is in three parts so:
Part 1: I'm on a speed boat with my Grandad and the boat worked exactly like a car and the water had roads painted on it. When my Grandad was sailing the boat across the water the painted didn't smudge or smeared and I just sat there thinking and my Grandad shouted me to lift the handbrake.
My Grandad let me sail the boat and when I sailed it the paint smudge and smeared.
Part 2: I was at school doing aload of tests, I got almost every question right but I didn't get a hundred percent.
Part 3: I got on the school bus and my exgirlfriend was there and we sat together and talked about the holidays and then I told her how much I missed her and the truth about the second time we were together and that no matter what happens I'll...

Oliver: Okay, my mum will explain this better than I can.

Helena: Right, it's obvious that you feel compartmentalised and alone from the rest of the world, and only focus on a simple and dangerous way of getting around- hence why the boat worked exactly like a car. Cars in dreams tend to symbolise a need for excitement and a want for danger in life, and boats- especially sailboats- can represent a need for relaxation. Basically, part one is telling you to have some excitement in your life, but to also relax- especially if there has been any negative tension in the past two months. The paint being smeared only if you drive the boat means that you fear you're not good at anything, ans that, therefore, you feel as though everything you touch breaks down.
Onto part two: tests in dreams represent subconcious wants to do exceptionally- not just academically, but also in life. If you never get 100% in a test while you dream, that could mean that you think you're a failure, even if you get most of the questions right.
Part three is rather tricky. We all know that it is the end of the summer holidays, and the school bus might mean that you are eager to get back to school. Oliver has informed me that Charley (yes, he told me her name) has popped up in your dreams rather a lot, and she could mean a need for female company other than your mother and/or sisters and aunts and female cousins. If you tell someone that you will be there for them, no matter what, then that represents a sacred promise that you will make to her in the near future. Be careful what that promise is, though. I remember promising Oliver that I would keep his erotic dream about that Green day drummer secret, but I accidentally told all the girls at work! And, also, if you tell someone the truth in the dream, and how much you miss them, then it will happen in the future. It might not be now, it could be 20 years in the future when you meet up on a blind date!
I hope that I helped, and I will pass back to Oliver. Good luck!

Oliver: She knows her stuff, doesn't she? Wait! Did she tell you that she told all the girls at work about my dream about Tre' cool? Aaaaaaargh!

You need to take a look at how your grand-dad go about things in his life and learn how to make your relationship with Charley can improve.See what the dream said about no Smudge or Smear on the boat? The boat signifies a female,and you have to think about how your grand-dad takes care of this paticular boat so it does'nt get any smudges, and follow his example and see it you can try not to get any smudge on the "boat" next time. And this thing with the test, These are the testing times you're having with your ex at the mo. So you're close to getting to getting the situation right with her,so think about what your grand-dad would do...

I would say that you feel like you may be a failure for some reason around your family. Everything you love you ruin. You enjoy fun times with your grandad.
You feel guilty about what happened with you and your girlfriend and you want to explain things to her as u still have a soft spot for her

when you dream about water that gets cloudy or dark (or smears) it means unresolved issues in your life. Your dream seems to indicate your grandfather is someone you admire, hence his paint did not smear. part 2 of your dream, ...frustration. This signals your desire to have things go perfect and , well... they are not. part 3... it's whats in your heart.
Good luck.

You mess things up and hurt people, but you always have an excuse by trying to be truthful. You can also hide behind the truth.

Be careful of your miss girlfriend company!<ab>

You miss her

You miss your granddad and your girl friend

i think it means that theres just one thing you are missing... but i dont know what that thing is! you have to figure it out yourself!

be careful you miss your girfriends company

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