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What do you think my dream meant?

I had 3 dreams last night and I can barely remember 2. The first one I kinda remember was that my mom was pregnant.. She had all her stuff taken out. NO WAY that she can ever get prego again.. :\ and my second one was I was a cop in a gated prison facility and I walked in the gate and the sniper cops had their guns pointed at me and I got searched. I was good. Then they put some type of robe on me. My tv was on the country music video channel, and the song "gun powder and lead" was playing in my dream. So back to my dream. Me and all the cops and all the prisoners started dancing to that song... Does either of these dreams mean anything? Lol

Your Mom being pregnant, even though she had a hysterectomy, could signify you noticing a change in your Mom, like her moving from one stage of life to another, or a new job, etc. It could also mean that you feel something is taking her attention away from you.
The second dream is a little trickier, and definitely a funny one! You being a prison guard could signify that you feel in charge of someone's safety or well-being. The color of the robe would help determine what it could signify.
The fact that your tv was on in your dream could signify that you feel distracted or detached somehow from your everyday life.
Everyone dancing in your dream could signify a lighter side to your personality, that you will take these changes in stride and good humor. It could also be your subconscious remembering a musical you recently watched or thought of and fixating it into your dream.

Your dream sounds funny... The part where the cops and prisoners are dancing LOL

Lmao @ Cindy's answer too

Not a thing. I dreamed once that my sister was pregnant and she traded the baby for a Labrador!

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