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What do you think my dream means?

Last Night i had a dream the my boyfriend and i were at work and this girl brings him a baby. In my dream i know it's his and this other girl's baby. Now i don't know the girl she was just some random girl, but i got so upset when i knew he had a baby with someone else. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? I have been thinking about it all day. Oh and my BF has a vasectomy in real life so i have no idea why i would even dream this. Please Help.

Maybe you're feeling insecure about your relationship. You didn't give many details, but if your boyfriend can't have babies, maybe that's also something that is subconsciously bothering you (like the idea that he could go off to someone else) Babies tend to represent new beginnings in dreams, but in this context it could also represent ties/bonds - like the idea of him having that kind of bond with someone else is upsetting to you. It's always good to examine your relationship and see if things are working out how you want them to, or if you're both on the same page about your relationship and where you want it to go. Just some thoughts, hope it helps somehow.

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