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What do you think my dream means.?

I was dreaming me and my sisters were dressing up for party. Room was full of women dressing up. I am wearing cowboy booths and jeans and leather jacket and i feel cold.. I am Ready for party and waiting for my sisters. I am kinda uninteresting. then i hear my sisters and My mom saying "look she is so beautiful .. O my God look at her.. I turn around and see young woman who looks like me , wearing red romantic dress and red hair like mine.. She looks just like me,and it is me. but somehow i do not feel connected to her.. I think it is one of my sisters...I see myself but i am 100% sure in my dream mind that is my sister.. She looks beautiful and feminine .. I am starting to feel jealous. and i feel pain.. I scream at my mom in anger.. why , you have never said I am beautiful , you never complimented me . I was screaming in pain and anger and i woke up with pain and anxiety in my chest... It was hurting so much that i was shaking from pain.. I was jelous at that woman in red dress..who was me .

I apologize for my friends misunderstanding you. You should be complimented for knowing more than one language, and writing in English. I think you meant, you were feeling bored, not uninteresting.

Only you can decide what the dream means. The dream is your anger and frustration at not feeling loved and accepted by your mother. When she compliments your sisters without complimenting you, it is like a knife in your heart. She wants you to be something you are not, instead of loving and accepting who you are. There is a more subtle message too, that you do this to yourself as well. You criticize yourself and put yourself down, rather than loving and accepting yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Try getting dressed up and then looking in the mirror and saying, "wow, I am beautiful." See how it feels to say that.

Your Dream means that you can't spell boots, even with the help of a spell checker built in. Which is sad. Maybe that is why you have never been complimented.

I find it rather interesting that in your description you describe yourself as being uninteresting. You say, "I am kinda uninteresting." That is a quote from you. Do you find yourself to be uninteresting?

You also say that in your dream mind that you are 100% sure that the woman in the dress is your sister, but then you say in the end that the woman is you. Which is it are you 100% sure it is not or is it you.

It sounds like your just jealous, because your the only boy in a house full girls.

It might mean that you could be so much more than you are now. The woman in the red dress might have been you, if only you would make more of an effort.

Dreams are our subconscious thoughts. Are you by any chance jealous of your sisters?

i have no idie what the dream means
but it could mean that no matter if you made a+ in school that still was not good enough it could mean that your mom had the same problems with her people also that is why or i could mean that you are ready to go off and do something realy bad to her besides of ***** her out by

You're straight . Women all dressed up ? If I had a dream like that I will hit on the first guy I see .

Your dreams do not mean anything, they are a way for your brain to reorganize its memories and to draw generalizations/relations between events.

You might be able to find some "meaning" in them as they are your thoughts and memories, but it would be more helpful for you to just become aware of your own feelings, rather than trying to learn from your dreams.

It means your brain had a lot of information and needed to process it all. In this dream, that's how your brain processed it.

Your dream means REM processing. Nothing more. That's it! :) Go on enjoying your life and never worry about dreams again!

its simple go talk to your mom explain the dream to her and how you felt together you both can sort it out ,some times our dreams reveal our wants fears and desires and some times they are just entertainment for a sleeping mind

You are jealous of everyone ...Self Centered...You blame mama (or others) for what is wrong in your life.

That is my best guess.

Absolutely nothing.

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