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What do these dreams mean?

So I have a couple questions about some dreams... the next few paragraphs is a dream I had last night, but if you don't feel like reading please just skip down to where the ***'s are. Thanks for taking the time :)

Last night I can remember my dream completly but the bits I do remember is there was one part where I was on a waterslide but I don't think it was like a ride or it wasn't being operated but the water was running and then I went down a little section but then tried to go back up but the water forced me down so I just went all the way down the slide
Another section of my dream was we were coming back from somewhere and then I guess we were in a car but it went down a kind of steep hill and then it turned into an amusement part and I was going on this roller coaster (for those who know what knotts berry farm is, it was the ride excelerator) and the ride was going but then all of a sudden the person I was with (I don't remember who) and I fell off when it was near the ground and the worker just told us to go over somewhere but he didn't really seem concerned if we were injured or not...
ANOTHER part of my dream was I was with my dad, brothers and two cousins and then all of a sudden became younger... my girl cousin went from 10-3 my boy cousin went from 14 - 7 my brothers also got younger but I'm not sure how old... so yea.. then we were just walking around some area idk what it was

*** so my main question is what is with the waterslide & roller coaster dreams? I've had several dreams about these things and its usually the same things that happen, I ride them & fall of... can anyone explain this?

-oh, & another dream I would have often is dreams of elevators(I don't have a fear of them btw haha)

Once again, Thank you for your time :)

You might be sensing within yourself that you are beginning a period of your life that will potentially be one on 'fast forward'. Things can go along, and go along, at a pace in life that is very 'ordinary', however, lo and behold, things involving other people, come to facilliate change in circumstances, and, all of a sudden, you feel that life's going on a 'ride'.

You may be entering into a very, very intense period in your life. It won't be bad - somewhat of an adventure and certainly some fun. You'll have to take each part of that journey ahead one bit at a time for sometimes it might feel as if certain things might be out of your control and you'll need to go with the flow. From the "another" part of your dream, my interp is to say this, and that is that if you feel that it's all too much for you, remember that there's adults there to help you along and give you feelings of nurturing security.

For on rides, the 'operators' are 'trained' to make the passengers safe. Fair ground rides, elevators, I think that you're a person who's going somewhere in life... :)

you're going to a theme park!

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