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What do these 2 dreams mean?

1. I had a dream I was late for work.
2. I also had a dream that I lend my laptop computer to a total stranger that looked trustworthy and then he ends up loosing it.

What do both of these dreams mean?


even though they are two different dreams it is one meaning, you are warning yourself that if you don't stop your work ethics you will lose your job. that is why losing the laptop comes in.
You could very well lose your job and with the laptop being gone , so could your job situation and no one to hire you for a long time/listen to your inner person trying to warn you. Simplyshy

1. I'd say this dream just means that you fear being late. Not just for work, but for other dates or appointments. Maybe even late for opportunities in life.

2. I think this dream is telling you that not everyone in your life is being totally true about who they really are to you. If your laptop is very very important to you, it shows how you must be careful with what you give to be whom you trust.

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