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What do these dreams mean?

there are two main dreams that I have almost all the time, the first is me getting into a fight and feeling like im throwing weak punches like im just weak every time I swing at the person,and another one that I have alot is me driving,its kinda like when your playing a driving game and your driving out of control that's how im always driving in my dreams,like I would turn the corner and lose control,I don't know if it might just have something to do with me being 21 and still not having my licenses or what.
any answers would help thanks

Both dreams seem to have, in common, a fear of incompetence. Fighting for something and being afraid to lose at the same time. If you hadn't mentioned being 21 and not having your license, then I would assume that that wasn't your closest thought. Maybe you think that not having a license is hindering your ability to perform as others do in everyday life. Maybe you're terrified of the actual drivers test itself and picture yourself driving as you do in the dreams.
Whatever the case may be, the dreams have that one thing in common; the feeling of incompetence.
The fear of failing at something you want. Most of the time it's your brain trying to figure out and get rid of that fear for the experience to come when you're ready.
I think you should go for whatever it is you really want. Those dreams are important, not because they tell you the truth, but because they brace you for experiences to come.
And so what if you fail? It's living the dream that makes you who you are.

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