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What do these 2 dreams mean?

Okay so i don't remember ALL the details of it, but the other night i had a dream that my crush was standing next to a fish tank or some sort of animal cage, and it fell over onto his foot...and he had to go to the hospital. I was really upset and worried. He was hurt but apparently he could walk (i don't understand that -.-) and his gf was walking away(yes i like someone who has a gf...unfortunately =/) he was walking slowly behind her.the background to that hugging scene was all white. anyawy then i ran up to him and hugged him and he hugged me tightly back. I was apparently really upset, and he rubbed my back and hugged me tight and said, "I know...I know." then i woke up. soooo yeah...

I might as well throw this in too. I had another dream where my crush and my ex bf(who was apparently my bf in my dream), and they were sitting in this room. My crush was sitting in the chair facing the door, and my ex was sitting in the chair sitting sideways to the door. well i was standing infront of my ex, looking at him, then my crush said something. i looked over at him and he wiggled is finger for me to come over. i hesitantly did. he pulled me onto him and tried to get me to kiss him in front of my ex. i hesitantly did, and my ex was watching . my crush smirked at my ex,like he felt victorious. and that's it. what do these two dreams mean?

and don't say, "It means you have a big crush on your crush" i want to know what certain parts of the dream symbolize. like for instance...the cage falling onto his foot, and him having to go to the hospital

Well lets break it down: People in the dream represent parts of you, Places are parts of your brain. The fish tank could easily represent pressure from emotional needs.So the part of you that is like your crush feels like it has lost power or perhaps a trap sprung on him. I say this because cages represent that one feels trapped and powerless or could mean a sense of uneasy.To hurt his toe could mean a few things, you have business or social quarrels happening or maybe it means you are seeing this side of you in despair. But seeing how he could walk, maybe you are in self denial of something. Seeing his girlfriend means you may want to replace her and put yourself in her shoes. Hugging is a form of affection, so it probably means you are patting your own back here or maybe you feel insecure about something. Translation: You have many parts of you, and places you go. You feel pressure not only from emotional but love too. You feel uneasy about your side that is like your crush, but it is not as bad as it seems. You have a side like his girlfriend, and telling from your emotions, you wish to connect the sides together like a puzzle piece and in the end it could happen. After all we have the possibility to dream in the future, time traveling in a dream is normal. Or it could just mean that you wish he would understand why you like him so much and begin to feel these feelings too, while you're side lined and watching her get the affection. Hope it helps for your first dream!

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