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What do these dreams mean?

I have three dreams here though feel free to just pick on to interpret.

We can call this one "death."

I had a short dream. I was in the exact same room I was sleeping in. On the same bed. Yet I was alone in the dream while there was someone else in real life.

The door flew open and a creature that looked like death. Had the scythe and everything. For some reason I get confused as to whether it was a swarm of cats or bats that burst through the door with death.

The creature grabbed me by the throat with 2 hands. I didn't see where the scythe went. He strangled me for what felt like a minute. Then I woke up still feeling the hands on my throat for a few minutes.

Well dream 2 we could call "Sex dolls."

Basically I was with other people in the street. Though they weren't quite real. Their skin was shiny like some mannequins are. I started having sex with a female mannequin person in the street with all the others. They appeared to be speaking but I couldn't hear and I didn't care. Before i'd finished with the first one I was already going to another. I woke up before I got there.

The third we could call "mistaken identity."

It starts of with me walking down a really dark narrow middle class street. I could only make out shapes. I walk around a corner and there's a guy with a shotgun in my face calling me a nazi. I duck and run back the way I came.

There's another guy with a gun who calls me a member of the aryan guard. Then I escape to a beautiful, moonlit water garden. There is 'little person' love scene.

The rest of the characters are little people. There is a little sherlock holmes and dr watson. The rest is kind of fast forwarded. Sherlock needs a leather and steel headstrap type thing for some reason while he is in prison then he makes a remote control helicopter out of it after he escapes. He also mentions something about liking the headstrap. I think it ended there.
4 days ago - 4 days left to answer.

The girl I was with said I was making strange noises while I slept.

im not sure im just taking my best guess
the "death dream"
the "death person" was the Grim Reaper
i think it resembles that someone is after 2 kill u or u gonna die soon or someone was strangling u in your sleep

the "sex dolls"
u are horny or the mannequins are resembling someone u in love with or u like naked dolls lol

"mistaken identity"
someone will mistake your identity or u will help someone escape or u will be in a mistaken gang

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