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What do these dreams mean help!?!?

in a lodge in the woods, with a lake outside, i was a woman, and there was 3 children and another woman, the woman sent the children upstairs, then pushed me to the
floor and started punching me, then i was over a sink and she stabbed me and blood was pouring out of my mouth into the sink.
then i was watching, and the little boy was by the lake, and his grandad was at the gates, and he was firing a pelet gun to catch his attention and ask for
help, then the grandad drilled in the lock, and the woman who stabbed me was now a man, then i was one of the girl children, and i was chasing the man through
the woods for around 10 minutes just listening to his footsteps and chasing them.
the the next thing i was at my mums house and a man was at the top of our pathway and came towards the front door and i just kept on stabbing him, then he went back up the pathway
and stood there looking like he was dying.
that was dream one

the next dream was that i was in my bed, but then i could get up and be me like i was awake, and look at my sleeping self, i dont know what this means.

and the final dream was that i was at my mothers house, and it was night and everyone was gone, and i kept trying to run away through the woods
but something was stuck to my back and kept following me and bringing me back to the street of my mums house.
so i wanted to distract it and walked into a neighbours house, told it to sit down, then got a knife from the kitchen draw and stabbed it, it was dead.
then all of a sudden i was in the attic of a house, and a woman was coming towards me, and i was scared so i just stabbed her, then chopped off her head
then i turn around and 3 children were looking at me.

why am i having these horrible dreams? please could someone help? does this mean i am crazy? im a 17 y/o girl.


When you hear things e.g. in the news you often have related dreams. The chopped head could relate to the woman whose head was chopped off, the forest thing and that, could be, have you seen Scre4m it could be that? hope that helped xx :)

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