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What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:

I'm on a pirate ship, dressed as Jack Sparrow. I wasnt sailing on water, but on the clouds. No one else was on the ship, just me. I had no map, i was slowly sailing, as trillions of stars and galaxies were right above me. All of a sudden, i hear a "BOOM" and the cloud to my right filled with the color red. I hear another "BOOM" and the cloud in front of me turned pink. I knew i wasnt in danger, but i sailed the ship to somewhere cloudless. And there i was, flying on top of the disneyland castle, and it was the fireworks that were making the BOOM sound. The moon was behind me, making me a silouette. Just like the silouette in ET, when the boy was flying the bike over the moon. But this time, it was a pirate ship sailing past the disneyland castle. The music was in the background. Whenever a firework took off, the sky would sparkle, making each star in the sky jealous. Then a cloud would turn a calming color. I stopped steering the wheel, and sat at the railing of the ship. A tear rolled down my eye with joy. I looked up, and i out of all the stars in the the night, i notice "the second star to the left" from peter pan, which would lead me to never land. I immediately got up, walked to the and sailed the ship toward it. This was when i woke up.

Dream #2:

I was with a bunch of my friends who used to be close to me. We were in my house, looking out my bedroom window. There was a bright, beautiful moon on the horizon. All of a sudden, clouds started covering it, as if heaven wanted it for itself. but the moon broke out and turned into three of the biggest, golden shooting stars. They looked cartoony, similar to the shimmering golden stars in super mario. They all flew to the right, leaving a long, glittering rainbow tail behind them.

These are my two most beautiful dreams, and i couldn't possibly find the words to describe how it looked or felt. Please tell me what they mean.

your first and second dream have only one meaning. On the first part of your dream it means you are searching for your other friends way back. you are remembering them because of happy events when you were all together.
the second dream is more clearer. in reality you are trying to think of your friends. and looking at
the past.
I think you need to reunite again with your friends. and it seems that you feel the blues now a days cause you are missing some of your real friends.
plan for a reunion, have a nice day.

When one dreams, its as if its real, the experiencing, no? If so, and you have some dreams of beauty and moving emotions, perhaps you can just accept the gifts, be thankful. Maybe, starved for adventure wae're. Don't ever forget to view dreams as a spiritual aspect of yourself. Sometimes , if one needs an experience in life that reality just can't afford, then...even nightmares can be like gifts. For example, if you find it to be helpful to a friend by providing empathetic insight, about shock or injury, storm-eye, etc. But I don't think anything must be certain about dreams, nor ought be used to portend certainty. I feel they may needn't mean anything beyond that you were amazed, enchanted, enthralled, awestruck, etc. and it was memorable time...unspent

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